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Promag 50H Electromagnetic flowmete

Promag 50H Electromagnetic flowmete

Mã Sản Phẩm: 50H50-1F0A1AA0AAAA | E+H vietnam

50H50-1F0A1AA0AAAA | E+H vietnam

Proline Promag 50H Electromagnetic flowmeter The flowmeter for smallest flow rates with a modular electronic concep

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50H50-1F0A1AA0AAAA | E+H vietnam

Measuring PrincipleElectromagneticProduct headlineThe flowmeter for smallest flow rates with a modular electronic concept. For demanding hygienic applications.
Sensor featuresFlexible installation concept – numerous hygienic process connections. Energy‐saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross‐section constriction. Maintenance‐free – no moving parts. ner made of PFA . Sensor housing made of stainless steel (3-A, EHEDG).
Transmitter featuresFast commissioning – application‐specific Quick Setups. Safe operation – display provides easy readable process information. Fully industry compliant – IEC/EN/NAMUR. 2‐line backlit display with push buttons. Device in compact or remote version.
Nominal diameter rangeDN 2...150
Max. measured error±0.5%
±0.2% (optional)
Measuring range0...600 m3/h
Max. process pressurePN16...40
Medium temperature range-20...+150°C
Ambient temperature range-20...+60°C
-40...+60°C (optional)
Degree of protectionIP 67 (NEMA 4x)
Display/OperationTwo line display with backlit
Push button
Outputs4...20 mA
Digital communicationHART
Hazardous area approvalsATEX

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